Branchable's ssh host keys are now published on Monkeysphere.

However, there is a limitation. Monkeysphere will only see the key if the user connects to, not to

We'd really like to be able to tell monkeysphere that "*" can use any of our ssh host keys. But I don't think it supports wildcarding.

An alternative would be to do monkeysphere-host add-servicename for each subdomain we set up. But when they're all on the same key like that a) the key will tend to get big and b) the key will have a list of every one of our subdomains, which is not information we want to expose.

The other approach would be to run monkeysphere-host import-key for each subdomain we set up, so each has a unique key. But that has problems also: a) we'd have to keep a gpg key on our server to sign those keys, and it would have to be put in the web of trust -- I don't like keeping gpg keys on network servers. b) It might still allow getting a list of all our subdomains, if you can get ahold of the entire worldwide gpg web of trust.

The final option would be for us to recommend users use ssh with, not a subdomain. And, behind the scenes, redirect it to the appropriate server for the user who is logging in.

Eventually, I want to support using monkeysphere for user's ssh key configuration.

This would allow the site owner to enter an email address, and have ssh keys for that user's email automatically retrieved. To help the site owner make sure the ssh key was signed by the right gpg key, it could display a partial web of trust. (Or, if we knew the user's own gpg key, we could do a better display).

Revocations of configured keys could also be scanned for, and the keys disabled. --Joey

Great idea! Documentation to set something like this up is the Monkeysphere SSH admin guide, see "Monkeysphere for user authentication". --anarcat

Another use for monkeysphere is in distributing the per-site ssh user keys used for automatic git pushes. Should be easy enough to commit those keys right into monkeysphere when they're generated.