ikiwiki-hosting-web.postinst does a2enmod userdir so that it can use UserDir disabled. This seems a little silly.

My ready/userdir branch fixes that.



What about upgrades?

Anyway, I think that the idea here was to make the confuration work even if used alongside an apache that did have userdir configured for other sites. --Joey

Look at the patch, I think I already addressed both objections :-)

There are two changes:

  • don't force mod_userdir on in the postinst; upgrades unaffected.
  • wrap the UserDir disabled directive in <IfModule mod_userdir.c>, so that if it's loaded, we disable it, but if it isn't, we do nothing. Upgraded machines (and machines where the sysadmin wants userdirs on another vhost) will load mod_userdir, but disable it for ikisite-managed vhosts; new installations won't need to load it at all.


merged --Joey