apache 2.4 has some changes in Debian which makes ikiwiki-hosting struggle. at the very least the filenames in sites-available need to change to have a .conf suffix, but there may be more I'm missing.

i have a (so far) working patch in my git repo (git://src.anarc.at/ikiwiki-hosting) branch dev/apache24. --anarcat

I think your patch is going to break Apache 2.2 users (like, er, branchable.com) - I think it's OK to write out $apache_site.conf unconditionally, but then you have to use a2ensite $apache_site.conf for 2.2 or a2ensite $apache_site for 2.4.

It would also be nice to clean up the old files automatically.

Lower-priority, it would be nice to avoid the deprecated (and somewhat confusing) Order, Allow and Deny directives for 2.4, which could be achieved like so:

<IfVersion < 2.4>
Order allow,deny
allow from all
<IfVersion >= 2.4>
Require all granted

or by using the template engine.

I've opened an equivalent bug in Debian so it can be on the Debian Apache packagers' radar. --smcv

Please consider my ready/apache24 branch. http://git.pseudorandom.co.uk/smcv/ikiwiki-hosting.git/shortlog/refs/heads/ready/apache24

It does not handle migration from ikisite-example.com to ikisite-example.com.conf at the time you install Apache 2.4: that can be done by disabling and re-enabling all sites, if Apache 2.4 doesn't get an automatic migration in its maintainer scripts before jessie is released (which seems to be the plan). However, it does work with both 2.2 and 2.4. --smcv

What if I have an apache 2.2 host that has lots of existing sites configured with $apache_site? This patch seems to cause them to break in some way or another until I disable/reenable them all.

I might have misunderstood what you're getting at here: do you mean "I have an Apache 2.2 host and switch it to smcv's patched ikiwiki-hosting while keeping Apache 2.2", or "I have an Apache 2.2 host and switch it to Apache 2.4"?

The former worked for me... I'm still using Apache 2.2 on the server that I'm interested in upgrading. Old sites remain in the old, Apache-2.2-only scheme; when I disable and re-enable a site, it's moved to the new scheme, which works either way. If you've tried this and encountered a bug, or spotted a bug via code review, please explain?

The latter is not (yet) expected to work, unless you disable and re-enable all ikisites (which I wanted to avoid for now, because I think some of mine still have local edits, although merging my ssl branch hopefully removed the need for that). It looks as though the Apache 2.4 maintainer scripts might do it, one day. It would maybe be reasonable to add an "ikisite migrate" subcommand, which either does the disable/enable for every site or does a more minimal rename-the-configurations step, and make ikiwiki-hosting-web's maintainer script run it - would you like me to try that? --s

Did you consider just making ikisite write out both $apache_site and apache_site.conf? Then the runtime complication of needing to a2ensite $apache_site.conf on 2.2 goes away. --Joey

Maybe. I was worried that when the Apache maintainers get round to this:

#XXX: Deal with the sites-available/sites-enabled *.conf transition, e.g. rename
#     all files which look like site configuration?

that process could get broken by having both ikisite-example.com and ikisite-example.com.conf in sites-available. --s

Ok, this seems acceptable and I'm ok with punting handling upgrades to 2.4 yet, in hopes apache will deal with it. merged --Joey