Open security concerns (link fixed ones to done):

Is it safe to allow users to put unsanitized html on their sites?

Reasons users might want to do this:

  • To embed videos, etc into posts to a blog.
  • To customize templates.
  • To modify style sheets (not html per se, but broadly equivilant).

Note that allowing a user to git push automatically allows them to add all sorts of files to their site. Unless something is done to lock down regular git push, a-la-untrusted git push.

The cookie problem

A subdomain can access cookies that belong to its parent domain. Both reading cookies, and setting cookies. So could access cookies for If has something important on it, such as a site administration interface, its session cookies could be stolen this way.

A workaround is to make hard redirect to a different domain and only set cookies in that domain. Just redirecting to should do (TODO: check that browsers don't have some DWIM special case for www). Or use, or, etc. A subdomain cannot access cookies belonging to sibling subdomains.


This analysis is not complete; what about other means of attack beyond cookies?

Posted Thu Mar 25 01:20:03 2010