ikiwiki-hosting 0.20220715 released with these changes

  • Avoid directly running init scripts, instead use the service command.
  • Avoid running apache2ctl graceful which may start an apache process outside of systemd control (see bug #927302). (But note that certbot still uses apache2ctl graceful.)
  • As ssh RSA keys are being deprecated in an upcoming ssh release, the gitpush plugin will generate a Ed25519 key for the site if one does not yet exist.
  • The gitpush plugin, when listing the site's ssh keys, will list all available public keys, rather than just one.
  • Fix anonymous git push to branchable sites, which has been broken since 2018 by a git behavior change.
  • Fix ACL setting in ikisite enable to come after chmod, which otherwise would mess up the ACLs and break anonymous git push.
  • Added hostname_stopwords config that can be used to prevent use of particular words in names of sites.
  • ikisite enable, ikisite letsencrypt: When a fullchain file is available, use it for apache's SSLCertificateFile, and do not use the chain file. This avoids a problem with leteencrypt and apache where apache serves up 2 copies of the certificate, one from the cert file, and one from the fullchain file, which confuses some SSL clients.