ikiwiki-hosting 0.20161219 released with these changes

  • [ Joey Hess ]
    • Initial support for Lets Encrypt.
    • The use_letsencrypt setting can be set for a site by running ikisite letsencrypt domain, and it will attempt to get the certificate for it using certbot.
    • ikisite domains: Update certificate using certbot when set of domains changes.
    • Added ikisite maintaincerts to request/renew Lets Encrypt certs as needed, and added it to the daily cron job.
    • The files /etc/ikiwiki-hosting/config/$username/domain.{crt,key,chain} are used, when they exist, in preference to the files /etc/ikiwiki-hosting/config/$username/ssl.{key,crt}. This allows a site with multiple domains to have different certificates for them. The Lets Encrypt support uses this.