ikiwiki-hosting 0.20160121 released with these changes

  • [ Joey Hess ]
    • Fix looping redirection when redirect_to_https is set. Thanks, Antoine Beaupré.
    • controlpanel: Display unfocused site buttons with low opacity, but still display them. This is an accessability fix; the old hiding method broken caret browsing and screenreaders.
  • [ Simon McVittie ]
    • d/control: use https for Homepage
    • d/control: use pkg-perl autopkgtest setup
    • Fix "unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated" with Perl 5.22
    • Normalize packaging through wrap-and-sort -abst
    • Depend on libimage-magick-perl in preference to transitional perlmagick package, similar to #789221 in ikiwiki