say you have some weird condition in ikisite that makes your wiki creation failed. you screwed up your ikiwiki-hosting.conf, the lunar phases are all out whack or some higgs boson offset the universe in a weird way, whatever it is, the wiki creation failed and now you want to try again. (edit: actually it was wiki creation impossible). here's a typical situation:

# ikisite branch
error: already exists

well, that's okay, i'll just delete it now:

# ikisite delete
error: cannot read /home/o-rl/ikiwiki.setup: No such file or directory

well isn't that great. i can't create it, i can't delete it - it's in this weeeird state where it half-exists. can't we make delete little more clever to deal with this? -- anarcat

i have a crazy patch to workaround that... it seems that eval doesn't unroll forks as I would expect it to, so the error recovery code runs under the wrong UID. so i double-fork on top of eval to keep the right UID.

using this i can reliably delete any traces of any site, at least enough to fool branch again.

this is in the dev/idempotent-delete branch of my git repo (git:// --anarcat

I use ikisite userdelete in these situations, but it can leave cruft behind.. --Joey