At least at the "SSH keys" page shows only the first 139 characters of each SSH key. I'm using iceweasel in 1024x768 resolution and there are not scrollbars visible.

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I have access to the same wiki, and do not see the problem Timo sees. I see 380 chars of the SSH keys, and do have a scrollbar. Weird. --liw

The html used to display the keys is an unstyled <pre>. I'd expect a browser to add a scrollbar to the whole page when part of it is too wide. Or to put a scrollbar on the individual pre with the too-long line, like chromium does.

But I can reproduce the problem described with iceweasel 3.5.15. Instead, if you click on the line of a key, you can use left/right arrows to scroll just that line, with no visible UI! (What a strange UI decision the mozilla people made!) --Joey

This seems to be fixed in current iceweasel. done --Joey